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  • Infertility


    We have excellent Chinese formulas for Infertility: Restorex Plus Extract: Ba Zhen Yi Mu Wan (7005), Women’s Care Formula: Fu Ke Yang Rong Wan (7009), Ginseng Seeds for Energy: Zhenyuan capsules (7062, 7063), Female Support [...]

  • Diagnostic Modalities in Chinese Medicine

    Diagnostic Modalities in Chinese Medicine

    DIAGNOSTIC METHODS “The exterior reflects the interior.” This is the guiding principle in diagnosis. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners utilize many parts of the body which are directly accessible by touch or sight. Since the balance [...]

  • FAQ: Acupuncture

    Is acupuncture appropriate for my condition? What is the difference between acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine? Does acupuncture hurt? Is acupuncture safe? What should I expect during my first visit? What is a typical acupuncture [...]