Gallstones and kidney stones often occur together. When either kind of stone exists, the
liver, kidneys and the whole system cannot work efficiently. Because the
kidneys and gallbladder are very close to each other, the stagnation of one
organ often causes the other organ to become sluggish too. Gallstones and
kidney stones usually occur together because both stones are very often the
result of stagnation. In order to reduce the chance of having stone
accumulation and stagnation again, it is better to cleanse both kidney stones
and gallstones.

Gallstone and kidney stone formation

Gallstones may be caused by chemical disturbance, faulty diet, liver sluggishness or
toxicity, gallbladder stagnation or bile stasis which is often the result of
sluggish liver. Absorption of fluid by the gallbladder occurs to a much greater
extent than normal when there is stasis of bile in the biliary system.
Gallbladder bile becomes very concentrated as a result, and cholesterol
crystallizes out of solution, the crystals so formed gradually growing into
large gallstones. When the kidneys are sluggish, they do not empty during
urination. As a result, the stagnant urine may become too concentrated and
eventually calcium salts crystallize out. Estrogen replacement therapy and
birth control pills are common contributing factors to these problems because
they weaken the liver and gallbladder.

Gallstone symptoms and gallstone removal

Based on the Chinese gallbladder “meridians” , gallstones may be associated
with headaches, shoulder and neck pain. According to Chinese medicine, when
gallstones are present, the weak gallbladder makes energy flow along the
meridians sluggish and result in tense and tight feeling. If blood circulation
becomes so poor that the blood flow becomes stagnant, pain is the result. The
presence of gallstones is often a contributing factor to weak spleen because
the nerves on the spleen and gallbladder are connected to each other. Weak
spleen may lead to hypoglycemia.

Sleep problem is another common symptom with gallstones. In more severe cases, the
gallstones may cause dizziness, bad taste in the mouth, vomiting of the bile,
painful flanks, aggravation, anger and depression, insomnia and nightmares or
hot and cold flushes. These symptoms are often reduced significantly after the
gallstones are removed. Gallstones may take up to 25 years to show symptoms.

Women are four times more likely to have gallstones than men. It is suspected that
pregnancy and childbirth may make the abdominal area more stagnant and become
susceptible to gallstone formation. More gallstones (accordingly to some
researches) develop in people who are obese or eat a high fat diet. It is now
believed that bile stasis or gallbladder stagnation is a major cause of
gallstone formation.

Sometimes congested liver causes sleep disorders including difficulty in falling asleep and waking up
several times through the night. After the liver becomes healthier  with the help of Chinese herbs,
the sleep improves. But after the gallstones are flushed out, the sleeping pattern gets back to
normal completely.

In order to soften and crush the gallstones before flushing and to successfully
flush them out of the system the basic herb Chin-chien Tsao is used in many
combination with other herbs depending upon other symptoms.

Kidney stone symptoms and treatment

According to Chinese medicine, the kidneys support the bones. Healthy kidneys are
essential for strong bones. Other than pain in the kidney area, kidney stones
may be associated with lower back and knee pain and may even cause hematuria
(blood in urine), painful or difficult urination or cold sweat.Weak kidneys may
also lead to weak bones, poor head hair and disorders in the ears. Osteoporosis
is a major health concern with many older people. One of the solutions to the
problem may lie in maintaining healthy kidneys. Weak kidneys may cause
increased urinary losses of calcium and phosphates due to the kidneys’
inability to form an acid urine.

Many Chinese herbal formulas have been commonly used in Chinese medicine for
centuries for gallstone removal and kidney stone removal.

Doctor Li will prescribe you the right combination of the herbs or
herbal pills.

An important note to anyone with kidney stones is to avoid cold foods or drinks.
Cold drinks chill your internal organs and weaken them, especially the kidneys
and spleen. Many of my clients told me that they can feel the chilling effect
from cold drinks after several months of not having them. Foods that weaken the
kidneys should also be avoided. They include all citrus fruits, tomato and



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