London Olympic Games were extremely successful for many Chinese athletes – 88 overall medals, 38 of them gold – right behind the mighty USA team. China, despite its smaller medal count, continued to show impressive range in London.
It won medals in 20 different disciplines. Its biggest successes have come in six core sports: badminton, weight lifting, table tennis, diving, swimming and artistic gymnastic. But the Chinese made significant progress in the traditional American domain of swimming after winning just one gold medal in Beijing. Swimming was one of the core sports targeted by China’s Project 119: a plan launched in 2001 to improve performance in key, medal-rich sports that was named for the total number of gold medals then available in track and field, canoeing, rowing and swimming. In London, China won 5 gold medals and 10 total medals in the pool, with Sun Yang becoming the first Chinese man to win an Olympic title in swimming and ultimately winning both the 400-meter freestyle and 1500 freestyle.

16 year old lightening rod, winner of two gold medals at London Olympics, Chinese Swimmer Ye Shiwen is a world record breaker of women 400m individual medley. Shiwen, an incredibly fast swimmer, is compared to world class swimmers like Ryan Lotche and Michael Phelps.

What factors were behind that huge result?

Some of them are obvious – enormous population pool to choose from the most talented athletes, a strong and methodical system of finding and rigorously training kids as young as 4 years old at special governmental and private sport schools. We can add another less known factor – the usage of the ancient Chinese herbs and herbal formulas. Due to the fact, that the usage of the absolute majority of the steroids and other banned substances are strictly controlled, many Chinese sportsmen in different sports have been using ancient Chinese formulas and herbs for strength, speed, stamina, energy, concentration, to ease the muscle pain, to increase the level of oxygen in the muscles, to recuperate completely, to heal the sport-related injuries faster.

Those ancient formulas had been successfully used in China not only for women-sportsmen but for regular women when they are tired, and only God knows how often that happens! But being tired all the time is not a normal part of women’s life, aging process, menopause or on-job stresses, no matter what you’ve been told.

This may sound almost unbelievable to every woman who wakes up already feeling exhausted, relies on coffee and sugar for energy, or who desperately thinks “it shouldn’t be this tiresome” as well as constantly and desperately looking for the “Fountain of Energy”.

If you’re suffering from constant fatigue, it’s a signal that your body’s normal systems are being disrupted. There’s no reason to try to push through or ignore it. If you’ve tried getting more sleep, reducing stress and other basic lifestyle changes — and are still relentlessly tired — your fatigue deserves to be taken seriously.

Fatigue tends to snowball, slowly worsening, until you feel like a hamster stuck on an exercise wheel — exhausted but not getting anywhere. Unfortunately, women often ignore their increasing fatigue until it leads to other symptoms. During that time, the effects of fatigue may also become nearly constant, including:

  • feeling exhausted (mentally and physically)
  • being tired even after sleep
  • inability to bounce back from illness
  • headaches
  • joint pain
  • depression
  • poor short-term memory, confusion, irritability
  • food cravings (particularly for sweets/carbs)

The key is not to dismiss your mild symptoms of fatigue when you first notice them. Instead, the first step is figuring out the cause of your fatigue.

What are common underlying causes of fatigue?

For women, fatigue can be often related to an underlying issue in the endocrine system, such as an adrenal, hormonal or thyroid imbalance. What’s more, one imbalance may be affected by another — such as overstressed adrenal glands intensifying symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

There may be other possibilities contributing to fatigue as well, including: chronic inflammation, food allergies and chemical sensitivities, Lyme disease or the other factors. And fatigue can also result from the combination of several factors. Fatigue/low energy is not an illness in itself; it is a deep exhaustion that affects our daily joy and our ability to accomplish our goals and purpose in life. Temporary fatigue is a message from the body requiring us to take notice and make some lifestyle changes to our general health. Persistent fatigue is the body’s way of signaling us that our energy system needs treatment.

In Chinese Medicine all your symptoms and signs are diagnosed together. The Chinese doctor would never put a label on or call an illness a “syndrome” that has a complicated name and becomes a thing that the patient is suffering from.
Instead the TCM practitioner would always be mindful that the illness is a dynamic process, seeing it as a pattern of disharmony in the whole person and not just in one organ or system. By treating all the symptoms and signs and not just one, a more balanced natural healing effect is allowed to take place.

Generally speaking, in Western medicine the physician treats the presenting symptoms, not necessarily, the underlying cause. A Western physician will try to give a ‘disease name’ to a collection of signs and symptoms. If the physician has difficulty giving a name to signs and symptoms, or if they are not obvious, one or more medical tests will normally be carried out. If the test(s) come out negative, the patient is pronounced free of any medically perceived ‘disease’ even though they still insist that they are unwell, some doctors at this stage may even believe that it is all in the patient’s head!

A TCM health practitioner, however, considers all patterns, with or without a Western diagnosis, as potential signs of a health imbalance that require attention. That is why TCM is particularly useful with those persons with symptoms defined as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fybromyalgia or long-lasting lack of energy or other difficulties that western medicine has no useful response to.

In Chinese Medicine Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fybromyalgia, Thyroid and Menopausal problems (which can cause fatigue) are considered as a result of lacking Qi energy, poor blood circulation or poor blood quality-related problems. They are well researched, understood and treatable by some herbal formulas you can see at the bottom of the page.

“The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness” reported many times over that various ginseng exhibit “properties in facilitating recovery from exhaustive exercise.” Subjects in the study recovered quicker from exercise when taking ginseng than the control group. But not only ginseng, but many other thousands years old Chinese herbal formulas had been used to treat fatigue, feeling of mental and/or physical exhaustion, insomnia, lack of concentration, poor recovery, etc.

We offer the top of the line Ginseng Seeds – a potent mixture of the ginseng seeds which is unique by its qualities, much stronger, faster working and more effective than regular ginseng formulas made from the regular ginseng roots.

What is even more amazing about Ginseng Seeds, they start working very fast – 20-30 min after swallowing them. That is why it can be taken by sportsmen right before the competition, training, or if you are tired but need to go to the important meeting, show, party or test. You will feel the steady flow of energy for 6-7 hours, nice concentration, sharpness and awareness without any side effects, feeling jittery or having problems with sleeping.

In contrast to steroids, Ginseng Seeds formula nourishes the Qi energy of the internal organs, especially in the kidney meridian, filling them with enduring energy and helping them to function at peak levels. It is stronger than steroids and vitamins when the overall structure of the body is taken into account and without side effects. The herbs go directly to the main bodily organs and fill them with long-lasting energy, enabling them to function at peak levels. It is well balanced, so its extended effects are increased performance potential built on long-term strength in the organs, muscles, and nerves.

Along with the Ginseng Seeds the other herbal formulas energize the kidney functions. They nourish and replenish your body’s Qi energy batteries that are absolutely essential for any organ and its normal functioning, from keeping the body’s temperature normal to the strength of the immune system. We strongly suggest: Energizing Ten Flavor Extract: Shi Quan Da Bu Wan, Invigorating Tea Pill Extract: Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan, Anti-Aging/Rejuvenating Formula: Chingchunbao, Golden Book Herbal Extract: Jin Qui Shen Qi Wan, Immunity Boosting Cordiceps Capsules: JinShuiBao, Immunity Lingzhi Mushroom (Reishi): LingZhi and others.

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