A lot of women  have problems with their menstrual cycles like irregular periods or painful  ones and also absence of periods. All these are  very common and many women suffer  from it. However, most of the times such problems rectify it themselves and  after some time they tend to go away. However, for a lot of women, life would be much simpler if  they just had regular periods.

Some of the menstrual disorders may be caused by more serous  problems like polycystic ovarian disease and diabetes and so on. When you experience  a problem with any of these conditions it is normal for you to approach a  doctor and take medications. Most of the medications just work for that time  period and they do not cure the problem permanently. For example, for a disease like  polycystic ovarian disease there is no permanent cure, but it causes several  problems like infertility and obesity.

Chinese herbal medications have some cures to correct the menstrual cycle. According to  Chinese medical philosophy, the factors that influence the women’s menstrual  cycle are stress, diet, depression, emotional imbalances and even some  blockades in the internal organs. There are herbs which aim at  curing all these disorders and correcting a women’s menstrual cycle. In order  to regulate the menstrual cycle, the Chinese herbal  doctor has to analyze various factors and based on that they either prescribe  heat causing herbs or cooling herbs. Both of them are decided by the doctor  only. You can always ask Doctor Li and then go ahead with your treatment.



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