Pathologies and syndromes may be differentiated by many systems within Oriental Medicine and Meridian pathology is only one of them. However, these systems are not without a web of connecting factors, but must be studied separately prior to being considered together.
It is important to your doctor to determine if your problem correlates to any of the following meridian systems. Multiple organ systems may share a common pathology, but not share others. For example sore and congested throat is a symptom of the Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach, San Jiao, and Kidney channels. Swelling of the cheeks is shared by the San Jiao and the Small Intestine. So, if a patient presented with a sore and congested throat and swelling of the cheeks there would be only one choice for diagnosis under this system: the San Jiao.

Anthologies of the Twelve Regular Meridians and Collaterals

Lung Meridian
Large Intestine Meridian
Stomach Meridian
Spleen Meridian
Heart Meridian
Small Intestine Meridian
Bladder meridian
Kidney meridin
Pericardium meridian
Triple burner meridian
Liver meridian
Gallbladder meridian

Lung Meridian of Hand Tai-Yin
Hemoptysis, cough, asthma, congested and sore throat, a sensation of fullness in the chest. Pain in the supraclavicular fossa, shoulder, back and anterior border of the medial aspect of the arm.

Lung Collateral of Hand Tai-Yin

Heat in the wrist and/or palms, shortness of breath, enuresis, and frequency of urination.

Large Intestine Meridian of Hand Yang-Ming
Epistaxis, watery nasal discharge, toothache, congested and sore throat, pain in the neck, anterior part of the shoulder and anterior border of the lateral aspect of the upper limb, borborygmos, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and dysentery.

Large Intestine Collateral of Hand Yang-Ming
Toothache and/or coldness in the teeth, deafness, a feeling of compression in the chest and/or diaphragm.

Stomach Meridian of Foot Yang-Ming

Borborygmos, abdominal distension, edema, epigastric pain, vomiting, hunger, epistaxis, deviation of the mouth, congested and sore throat, pain in the chest, abdomen, and lateral aspect of the lower limbs, fever, and mania.

Stomach Collateral of Foot Yang-Ming
Emotional disorder such as depression or manic behavior, muscular atrophy, weakness in the lower limb or atrophy, congested and sore throat, sudden hoarseness.

Spleen Meridian of the Foot Tai-Yin
Belching, vomiting, epigastric pain, abdominal distension, loose stools, jaundice, heaviness of the body, lassitude, stiffness and pain in the root of the tongue, swelling and coldness in the medial aspect of the thigh.

Spleen Collateral of the Foot Tai-Yin
Abdominal spasm, cholera with vomiting and/or diarrhea.

The Major Collateral of the Spleen

General aching and/or weakness of the limb joints.

Heart Meridian of Hand Shao-Yin
Cardiac pain, palpitations, hypochondriac pain, insomnia, night sweating, dryness of the throat, thirst, pain in the medial aspect of the upper arm and heat sensation in the palms.

Heart Collateral of Hand Shao-Yin

Fullness in the chest and/or diaphragms, aphasia.

Small Intestine Meridian of Hand Tai-Yang
Deafness, yellow sclera, sore throat, swelling of the cheeks, distension and pain in the lower abdomen and pain in the posterior border of the lateral aspect of the shoulder and arm.

Small Intestine Collateral of Hand Tai-Yang
Weakness of the joints, muscular atrophy, motor impairment of the elbow, warts on the skin.

Bladder Meridian of Foot Tai- Yang

Retention of urine, enuresis, manic and depressive mental disorders, malaria, pain in the eyes, lacrimation when exposed to wind, nape of the neck, back, lower back, buttocks, and posterior aspect of the lower limbs.

Bladder Collateral of Foot Tai- Yang
Nasal congestion, watery nasal discharge, headache, pain in the back along the channel, and epistaxis.

Kidney meridian of Foot Shao Yin
Enuresis. frequent urination, nocturnal emission, impotence, irregular menstruation, asthmatic breathing, hemoptysis, dryness of the tongue, congested and sore throat, edema, pain in the lumbar region, and in the posteromedial aspect of the thigh, weakness in the lower limbs and heat sensation in the soles.

Kidney Collateral of Foot Shao Yin

Retention of urine, low back pain, mental restlessness, chest oppression.

Pericardium Meridian of Hand Jue-Yin

Cardiac pain, palpitations, mental restlessness, stuffiness in the chest, flushed face, swelling in the axilla, depressive and manic mental disorders, spasm of the upper limbs and heat sensation in the palms.

Pericardium Collateral of Hand Jue-Yin
Cardiac pain, mental restlessness.

Triple Burner (San Jiao) Meridian of Hand Shao-Yang
Abdominal distension, edema, enuresis, dysuria, deafness, tinnitus, pain in the outer canthus, swelling of the cheeks, congested and sore throat, pain in the retro auricular region, shoulder, and lateral aspect of the chest, hypochondrium, thigh and lower limbs.

Triple Burner (San Jiao) Collateral of Hand Shao-Yang

Either spastic or flaccid cubital joint.

Liver meridian of Foot Jue-Yin

Low back pain, fullness in the chest, pain in the lower abdomen, hernia, vertical headache, dryness of the throat, hiccups, enuresis, dysuria, and mental disturbance.

Liver Collateral of Foot Jue-Yin

Priapism, itching in the pubic region, swelling of the testicles, hernia.

Gallbladder Meridian of Foot Shao-Yang

Headache, pain in the outer canthus, pain in the jaw, blurring of vision, bitter taste in the mouth, swelling and pain in the supraclavicular fossa, pain in the axilla, pain along the lateral aspect of the chest, hypochondrium, thigh and lower limbs.

Gallbladder Collateral of Foot Shao-Yang
Coldness in the foot, paralysis in the lower limbs, inability to stand erect.




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