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Welcome to Healing Treasure Inc. with Dr.Qiqing Li!

We are not a common P.O. Box variety of distributors of Chinese/Tibetan herbal pills and formulas; we are a busy and prosperous office of Chinese and Tibetan medicine successfully diagnosing and treating real people in Brooklyn, NY for the last 15 years. We deal directly with the patients and their medical problems and we encourage you to call us and ask us questions regarding your health. We can evaluate your health and medical needs and help you to choose the right natural, herbal Chinese medications for your particular health problems.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine is the oldest in the world. It has had thousands of years of success supporting people through cancer, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, kidney, liver, stomach problems, auto immune diseases, allergies, asthmas, and arthritis, impotence, menopause and many more healthm problems.
We offer ready-made Chinese formulas to address common health and nutritional concerns. Our Chinese herbs are offered in pre-mixed pill, tablet, or extract tea and are manufactured by world-class laboratories under the strictest GMP standards. No special measuring, mixing or decocting skills are required.

Traditional Chinese Medicine supports your health with little or no side effects. Our Dictionary of Diseases will help you learn how to choose the right Chinese supplements to help you manage your particular health problem. We will teach you how to live healthy, to improve your immune system and clean your body, boost your energy, and lose extra pounds naturally and comfortably. You are always welcome to contact us for any questions, and / or schedule consultation with Dr. Qiqing Li.
Our best wishes for great health!- The Healing Treasure Inc. team.

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